Home for Words

HOME FOR WORDS Book is a template for writing your personal legacy. Your very own private story… In her book, peppered with poems, beauty and inspirations, Buli Eizenstien Dayan shares with us tools that enable us to get to know our own Legacy.

“Legacy is what we have taken from the past, what we appreciate in the present and what is important for us to root into the future. Legacy is like a  diamond through which we sparkle. A diamond is cut to improve its brilliance, so are we”

Buli Eizenstien Dayan


“No one will remember you because of your hidden thoughts. 
Ask God for strength and wisdom to express them”
Gabriel Garcia Marx wrote when he parted from the world

As someone who deals with memories,
I meet those who forget
It is easier to forget
It is even convenient

Not all memory is worthwhile
And not every clam is happy
and not  every memory is thrilling

Some in the the now
will no doubt leave their mark 
A long time from now

‘Home for Words’ invites you, to gather a life into words; from previous generations, from today to a day that is still to comes. This is what  legacy is, a chain of days made of diamonds …

I wrote mine eight years ago
Intuitively in the Shiv’a
With pen and paper
in her memory
afraid I might forget
aspects of my beloved mom
who went before her time

There is no need to lose in order to identify, treasure and announce!

Announce. Yes, announce.
The Great Wall of China had been announced
so were Madeleine cookies, leek burgers and the chicken in the oven

You are welcome to announce yours…