Legacy Creation

Your Legacy, your essence, that which you’ve inherited, that you’ve created, the one you’ll leave behind, is everywhere; In the morning coffee, in the daily run, in a green pot of soup, an object, a word, a prayer, visible, or hidden.

B-About believes that every person, family, and organization has a legacy worth preserving.


Want to get to know your legacy?



Great Celebrations
Great Separations

In the personal space – on rounded birthdays, weddings and births.
In the business world – when launching or celebrating a decade, in a merger, sale, acquisition, or retirement.
Following a loss – at the end, on the edge. Along with loss, death in the family, a moment of separation. At the time of commemoration.
An object that would capture a special meaning, that will crystalize an essence, something special from someone special.



Once in a lifetime experience

The Legacy experience is a gift in itself. Identifying the special, different, sublime hidden in you, and polishing them into a tangible and elegant creation.

Like a diamond, it contains two promises – uniqueness and continuity.

Let’s find the diamonds in you.




What is worth even more than diamonds?

Your personal legacy designed into: A legacy  jewel will keep your soul diamonds for generations to come. 

Or a legacy book, embedded with your life’s milestones.

Whether you have an old story to tell or a rosy future to shape – the gift you have been looking for is here. You are welcome to create it.

The diamond model a unique system used to uncover your soul jewels

Creating your legacy is your journey and it can start here